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SEC Area8 Pathfinders

Basildon | Braintree | Bury St. Edmund | Cambridge | Chelmsford | Colchester | Grays | Haverhill | Hutton | lpswich | Kings Lynn | Peterborough Central | Peterborough Portuguese | Southend


The SEC Shop is open. The URL to access the shop is

Note: It SEC Pathfinder department decided (Dec 2018) to abolish the use of the beret with the Adventurer Uniform ONLY.  Berets are still to be worn as part of the Pathfinder and Masterguide uniform.

If all Area 8 leaders concur, we can look at acquiring an Area 8 name badge to put on our uniforms just over the staff name and pathfinder triangle on the right hand sleeve.  It would perhaps be more economically viable if we bought Area 8 name badges rather than club name badges as our Area 8 clubs are so small.

Should clubs prefer to have Club name badges instead of Area 8 name badges, feel free to do so.

Here are some picutres from the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventist which may help you to correctly layout your uniform:
Front Shirt
Front Shirt with Sash
Right Sleeve
Left Sleeve
Left Sleeve - Other Options