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2020 Pathfinder Curriculum Camp


"This Is Us"

This Camp has been postponed due to Covid-19

Location: Vauxhall Farm, Great Wenham, Colchester, Essex, CO7 6QQ. UK
Date      : May 07th 2020 14:00hrs - May 10th 2020 15:00hrs
Cost       : 

We come into this world and we learn, from an early age, to care for ourselves.  We learn to brush our teeth, comb our hair, tie our shoe laces, button our tops, feed ourselves.  We are taught to respect our parents and care for our family members.  Too often though, enough emphasis isn't placed on the 'bigger picture' - our wider communities.  In keeping with the SEC Pathfinder "Making Disciples, Building Communities" theme for 2020, the theme for our camp this year is "This Is Us".  We hope to show campers that we are part of a bigger picture and that caring for ourselves isn't enough.  We hope to show them that they must impact their school community, church community, neighbourhood community and for some our country community.  We hope to show them that we, as mankind, were commissioned with caring for this earth.  At the end of this camp, each camper should return to their various communities, equipped with awareness to help Build their communities.  Not just "This is me" but also "This Is Us"

All forms, including individual application forms, medical forms, church board approval forms etc are to be collected and kept in a club folder and should come to camp with you.  Please refer to the planning pack attached at the side of this page for guidance.

Click here for the Pathfinder Application Pack  - Includes Application and Medical Forms.
These MUST be returned to your club leader by April 07th, 2020.

Your application will be confirmed on receipt of total payment. Payment MUST be received no later than April 07th

Payment Information

Area 8 Bank details:
Name on Account: The Seventh-Day Adventist Church – Area 8;
Sort Code: 40-18-04
Account Number: 42363976

Payment reference should be PFCC20 + The first three letters of your church. e.g.
The reference for a payment from Basildon for this year’s curriculum camp should look like this PFCC20BAS.
The reference for a similar payment from Ipswich will look like this PFCC20IPS.

Please try to limit payments to a single transaction