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Basildon Pathfinders

Basildon District Pathfinder Club

Hi there!  My name is Kim and I am the current Director of the Basildon Pathfinder Club. 2014 is down on our calendar as a year with a differnce.  Why?  Well  mainly because we plan to take our club programme into our community. 
Hey, if you're available and up to it - come along for the journey of your life!!!

Club Photos
You can see pictures of the Basildon Pathfinder Club at work here

Pathfinder Bible Bowl Experience(2015)
We will like to say a big CONGRATULATIONS to the FIC pathfinders on the UK PBE success this year (2014).   We didn't participate this year but look out for us in 2015.  We plan to win, not just in the UK but in NAD as well!!!
We plan to start studying the book of Matthew from March, which gives us almost one complete year to learn every detail there is in that book.

Camporee 2014
This year we are planning to attend Adventure Camporee and TED Pathfinder Camporee.  Unfortunately we will not be attending Oskosh as a club.

Year Plan for 2014
Sunday 26th    Curriculum planning meeting / Clean up
                     Conference Pathfinder Leadership Orientation

Sabbath 08th leaflets /outreach
Sunday 09th    Basic Staff Training JL
Sabbath 15th Pathfinder Expo / Registration
Sabbath 22nd Parents Meeting
Sunday 23rd Basic Staff training JL
Sunday 23rd   KCF
Thursday 27th  Club meeting / Craft and baking 

Sabbath 08th Club Meeting
Fri 14th – 16th March BST weekend
Sabbath 15th Visit to Home & Club Meeting
Sabbath 22nd Club Meeting / Parents meeting / Evening activity
Sabbath 29th Home visits / New members / Club meeting induction preparation

Sabbath 01st Induction ( segment in the youth day programme)
Sabbath 05th Club meeting
Sabbath 12th club meeting
Fri 18th – 20th – Curriculum Camp Pathfinders and Adventurers
17th – 21st Pathfinder Leaders Training weekend

Sunday 04th  Club meeting / Natural History Museum / honour work
Sabbath 17th Club meeting
Fri 23rd – 26th Adventurer Camporee

Sabbath 14th Club meeting
Sabbath 21st Club meeting
Sunday 22nd Club meeting (cycling)

Sabbath 12th Club meeting
Sunday 13th    Club meeting / PLA
Sabbath 26th Club meeting / Parents meeting
Tue 29th – 05th TED Camporee Holland

Sunday 24 – 30th Youth Evangelism Emphasis

Sabbath 06th and  Sunday 07th Pathfinder Rally and Fair
Sunday 21st Club meeting (Health EXPO training)
Sabbath 27th Community IMPACT project

Sabbath 11th  Community IMPACT project / Health EXPO
Sabbath 25th club meeting

Sabbath 08th Club meeting
Sunday 09th Club meeting / Community IMPACT project ( community clean up)
Tuesday 11th Participate in Rememberance Day activity (Tbc)
Sabbath 15th Club meeting
Sabbath 29th Investiture Service ( swop with youth)

07th Pathfinder Banquet
14th Pathfinder AGM
20th End of year activity Pathfinders
21st End of year activity adventurers / eager beavers/ little lambs